Director’s Greeting

We promise to do our
utmost to preserve eternal
youth and beauty.

Hello. Thank you for visiting the Miin Sesang Homepage. Already 4 years have passed since our launch in Jeju Island after 18 years of surgical experience while I was in Gangnam, Seoul
Our “Miin Sesang” mostly proceeds with youthful-looking surgeries such as facelift/under-eye fat removal/double eyelid reoperation.

We promise to do our utmost to preserve eternal youth and beauty.

Thank You,

Director Lee Kwon Sik

Introducing our Medical Team


“18 years of surgerical experiences in Gangnam, Seoul”

double eyelid, under-eye fat removal, full facelift, magic lifting, Botox, filler, anti-aging, stem cell, etc. Total Beauty Clinic.


  • 1.Founding member of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery
  • 2.Full Member of the Korean Association of Stem Cells and Aesthetic
  • 3.Full Member of the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • 4.Full Member of the Korea Academy of Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine
  • 5.Full Member of the Korean Association of Stem Cell Therapy
  • 6.Attended the 2014 Asia Forum for Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine
  • 7.Attended the 1st Korea-Japan Yokohama Aesthetic Surgery Conference
  • 8.Attended the 82nd Japan Tokyo Aesthetic Surgery Conference
  • 9.Plastic Surgery Director of the Noble Line Center for Alopecia Care, Gangnam branch
  • 10.Plastic Surgery Director of the Drama Cosmetic Surgery, Apgujeong branch

Medical Treatment Hours

Weekdays : 09:30 AM ~ 18:00 PM(Lunch : 12:00 PM ~ 13:00 PM) Saturdays : 09:30 AM ~ 12:00 PM

Closed on Sundays and public holidays

Medical Treatment

We promise to do our utmost to preserve eternal youth and beauty.

    • Eye Plastic Surgery

      -Double eyelid reoperation, ptosis correction, dream eyelid surgery, incision, burying method, partial incision, epicanthoplasty, under-eye fat repositioning, under-eye non-incisional fat removal
    • Middle-Aged Eye Plastic Surgery

      -Upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, brow lift, crow’s feet removal surgery, sunken eyelid correction, under-eye tear trough correction, double eyelid reoperation, middle-aged ptosis correction, anisometropia
    • Facial wrinkle surgery

    • Facial bone contouring

      -Magic thread lifting, lifting, lips/ear plastic surgery
    • Youthful-looking surgery

    • Keloplasty

    • Body plastic surgery

    • Botox filler


Contact Us

Miin Sesang

  • Address : Bandi Building 3rd floor, 527,
    Yeonbuk-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
  • TEL : 064-702-8867
  • Parking Lot : Parking lot behind the building
    (if there are no spaces, use the
    public parking lot to the east of the rear of the building)